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Prof.dr. Ben Wubs

Associate Professor Economic and Business History, ESHCC


Biographical Note

Appointed Project Professor Kyoto University

Graduate School of Economics

Year of Birth: 1961

Organisation: Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Room: M6-38

Phone: 010-4082208





2006             PhD Erasmus University Rotterdam

1989              Doctoraal (MA) Utrecht University, Economic and Social History

1981              Propedeuse Hogere Landbouwschool Groningen

Teaching and research interests

Economic history, international relations, business history. Engaged in various projects related to multinationals, business systems, economic regions and transnational fashion industry.

Professional Experience

  • 1988-2000       Schoonhovens College (pre-university education), Schoonhoven                   Economics and history teacher, co-ordinator vwo, deputy principal
  • 1999                Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD), Amsterdam               Preliminary research (pilot in connection with PhD)
  • 2000-05           Faculty of History and Arts, Erasmus University Rotterdam, in collaboration with NIOD,
    Researcher (PhD)
  • 2004-05           Faculty of Arts, Utrecht University
  • 2005-08           Faculty of Arts, Utrecht University
    Research Institute for History and Culture (OGC), Utrecht
    Postdoc researcher
  • 2007-08           Faculty of History and Arts, Erasmus University Rotterdam                    Researcher pilot-project: Rotterdam and German Hinterland
  • 2008-2012             Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Erasmus Fellow: The Dutch Big Four and Germany: AKU, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever and Philips, 1920-1960
  • 2012- 13  Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • 2014       Erasmus School of History , Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Associate Professor
  • 2015                     Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University
    Appointed Project Professor

Scholarships and grants

  • 2007                Laureate EUR-fellowship
    Every year the Erasmus University Rotterdam awards EUR Fellowships to four highly talented young scientific researchers to allow them to conduct four years of research, to encourage their careers in science and enable the university to retain talented researchers.
  • 2009                Research grant German Historical Institute Moscow. Invited by the GHI to do research in the Special Military Archives in Moscow.
  • 2012                Fellowship Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Invited to write a joint publication (book and article) with Prof.dr.Takafumi Kurosawa (Kyoto University). The topic is Dutch and Swiss Multinationals: Political Risk in the Inter War Period.

NWO Proposals/subsidies

  • 2008                Together with Prof. dr. Hein Klemann Vrije Competitie: Outport and Hinterland Rotterdam Business and the Ruhr Industry, 1870-2000.(funded)
  • 2009                Veni Proposal: Dutch multinationals and Germany: Economic interdependence and international conflict, 1890-1960 (not funded, though eligible)

EU Proposals/subsidies

  • 2012                 HERA ‘Cultural Encounters’ proposal together with Richard Coopey (Aberystwyth University and London School of Economics), Regina Lee Blaszczyk (German Historical Institute-Washington and the University of Leeds), Véronique Pouillard (University of Oslo),  Barbara Townley (St. Andrews), Alan McKinlay (Heriot-Watt University): The Enterprise of Culture: International Structures and Connections in the Fashion Industry Since 1945 (under assessment).

You can find the complete CV here.