Academic integrity and ethical committee

Erasmus University Rotterdam has an integrity code since 2002.
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ESHCC Ethics Review Board

The Ethics Review Board considers ethical questions connected with the specific nature of prospective research. Working to a set deadline, the Ethics Review Board assesses proposals submitted by ESHCC researchers and research master’s students in the domains of Social Sciences and the Humanities which focus on sensitive issues or where a degree of doubt exists in this regard.


The Board judges the proposals (i.e. approves or rejects them) using an assessment form drawn up in advance. Approval of a proposal transfers the responsibility of the individual researcher for the work to the faculty.

The assessment form incorporates key attributes of the social sciences and the humanities that may influence ethical issues (underlying ethical principles; methodology; participants; participant consent (examples informed consent forms); protection of personal data and privacy). The assessment considers a number of research project phases (ranging from the research plan to the dissemination of the results) as well as the manner in which ethical questions are converted into procedures and instruments. Whenever the Ethics Review Board withholds its approval for a proposal, it indicates what changes are required to secure the Board's approval in the future.

A checklist assists researchers in deciding whether to submit their proposal to the Ethics Review Board.


The following persons have a seat on the Board:


If you would like to submit a request for approval by the Ethics Review Board, or if you have any further questions, please contact Linda Jansen.