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Peter Nikken for NOS: what to discuss with children when they see sex online

Dinsdag, 21 maart 2017

Young children increasingly encounter nudity or sexual images online. A large part of them wants to discuss this with their parents. But that does not always happen, according to Prof. Peter Nikken (ERMeCC). "The subject is often still taboo."

Prof. Martine Bouman wins Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award

Vrijdag, 17 maart 2017

Prof. Martine Bouman has received the Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award 2017 out of the hands of jury chairperson Maria van der Hoeven and Governor Theo Bovens. The award recognizes Bouman’s work as a groundbreaking pioneer in the field of entertainment education. 

Sandra Khor Manickam receives grant for project on history of Japanese medical migrants

Dinsdag, 14 maart 2017

Historian Sandra Khor Manickam and Dr Naoko Iioka (independent researcher) recently received a Grant for Japan-related Research Projects from the Sumitomo Foundation Japan. They will study the history of Japanese medical migrants during World War II.

Funding for digital humanities project on WW2 eyewitness testimonies

Donderdag, 9 maart 2017

Although eyewitnesses of the Second World War have become ever more prominent in the media, there is no systematic research on the content of their testimonies. Even though the transmission of eyewitness memories, with the loss of the eyewitness generations, has been given more and more importance. Historian Susan Hogervorst, a researcher in the EUR research program ‘WAR! Popular Culture and European Heritage of Major Armed Conflicts’, has received a Research Pilot Grant for such a research project from CLARIAH, Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities.

All ESHCC research on the Creative Industries now collected on one website

Donderdag, 2 maart 2017

The creative industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the Netherlands. The theme is very broad, and includes subthemes such as fashion, architecture, games, media and ICT. These themes have also received an increasing amount of attention from the academic sphere, which has resulted in a lot of researchers exploring these interesting industries more in depth. 

Prof. dr. Martine Bouman nominated for the Marc Cornelissen/Brightland Award

Donderdag, 2 maart 2017

Prof. dr. Martine Bouman has been nominated for the Marc Cornelissen/Brightlands Award 2017. ERMeCC proudly congratulates prof. dr. Bouman on this honourable nomination.

Research project in which Koen van Eijck participates receives NWO grant

Woensdag, 1 maart 2017

The research project titled ''GAMPSISS: Gameful Music Performances for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies", led by Micha Hamel (Codarts) who is supported by a team consisting of Koen van Eijck (ESHCC),  Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens (EUC), Rens Kortman (TU Delft) and Alexander Verbraeck (TU Delft), has received a grant from the NWO. The project is supported by the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC).

Project on pop music receives NWO grant

Woensdag, 1 maart 2017

One out of seven ''Creative Industries: SMART Culture" grants, made available by NWO, has been granted to a research project from ESHCC's departments Media & Communication and Arts & Culture Studies. The researchers who are responsible for the project are all members of the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC). The title of the project is: "POPLIVE - Staging popular music: sustainable live music ecologies for artists, music venues and cities". The project leader is Dr. Erik Hitters, who will be working together with Dr. Pauwke Berkers, Dr. Arno van der Hoeven, Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen, Dr. Paul Rutten (Hogeschool Rotterdam) and Drs. Martijn Mulder (Hogeschool Rotterdam). Parties that the researchers are collaborating with include Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia & Festivals (VNPF), MOJO Concerts, RASL, Creating 010. 

Research Master in the Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts 'Top programme'

Dinsdag, 28 februari 2017

Like in previous years, the Research Master in the Sociology of Culture, Media and Arts has received such positive assessments in the  Selection Guide Masters (Keuzegids Masters 2017), that the programme is allowed to carry the quality label "Top programme" in the current academic year. 

Johannes von Engelhardt at Universiteit van Nederland: which news images make us donate to charity?

Maandag, 9 januari 2017

Every day we are confronted with images of war, famine, and natural disasters. Which images of human suffering are still touching to us? And which images make us donate to charity? Media scientist and ERMeCC PhD Johannes von Engelhardt gave a lecture on this subject in the television show Universiteit van Nederland (University of the Netherlands). Click here to watch the lecture (in Dutch).